2 Purpose

Purpose of Resume Project

Why join the resume project?

It's good for you.

Here are 5 reasons:
  1. You get a finished English resume (if you work hard).

  2. You will collect important information (jobs, dates, etc) in one place. This work can save time when you make a Korean resume.

  3. You will learn a few tips to improve your resume in any language.

  4. It's another way to practice your skills with practical English.

  5. You can have a finished video profile. That can be useful if you are applying for jobs with international companies. 

The Video Profile Project

Some companies want to see people in a short video. The video can go with the cover letter and resume.

Who might want to make a video profile?

Someone who wants to show ...
  • creativity for jobs in art, music, marketing, etc
  • professional attitude for jobs in sales and business
  • language skills

Here's a creative example. It was made by a high school student. She shows off her:
  • language skills
  • creative ideas
  • clear writing
  • video editing skills

And the end of the video is just perfect.

Your Video Profile

Your video might not be this creative, but it will show your best side.

It will be about 2 or 2.5 minutes long.

You will not be alone in this project. Somebody will record and edit the video. Plus someone will help you:
  • create a basic script outline
  • edit your script
  • help you practice
  • make you look good on video

Dr. Song has the details.