6 Share a File

Share Resume and Cover Letter

Part 1 Time to Share

Now you have a resume and cover letter.
  • They are in one file on your Google Drive.
  • The file has the proper name.
  • You did not upload a MS doc or hwp file.

Now what?

It's time to share your file. This is really important.

When you share a file:
  • a professor can read it and suggest changes
  • you can see the changes
  • you can make your resume and cover letter better

Step 1 Find Share
Look in the top right corner of the Google doc resume page.
  • Find the SHARE button. 
  • Click the SHARE button.

Step 2 Share Where?
You need to enter an address. Type in:
  • bufsenglishdept@gmail.com

When you type the correct address, you will see a BUFS icon.

Step 3 Click Send
Finally, click SEND. That will share your resume with a professor.

You are done.
  • After your document has been edited with comments by a professor, you will receive an email notification.